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The Parkinson's & Movement Disorder Institute - Fountain Valley, Long Beach, California

Thong v. Nguyen, M.D.

Thong nguyen, M.D.

Dr. Nguyen N. Thong, a Board Certified Neurologist, has brought his expertise in neurology to the Parkinson’s & Movement Disorder Institute for more than a decade. After obtaining his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Saigon Medical School, Dr. Thong completed his fellowship in Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology at the prestigious Georgetown University Medical Center. He remained at Georgetown University Medical Center to obtain his residency in Neurology and finished at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Dr. Thong has been a physician for more than fifty years. He practiced as a Consultant Neurologist at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and Patton State Hospital, in addition to practicing in private practices in several cities across Orange County. Presently, Dr. Thong practices at The Parkinson’s & Movement Disorder Institute. He has clinical expertise in treating all types of neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorder, neurodegenerative diseases, etc. He has extensive experience in performing EMG/NCS studies, toxin injections, and EEG interpretation. Additionally, Dr. Thong has served as a sub-investigator for various Parkinson’s Disease and cervical dystonia clinical trials, notably, the clinical trial of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel that produced the commercial drug Duopa for advanced Parkinson’s Disease patients. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Thong has held several academic appointments as a clinical professor. He previously served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, Irvine, Western University of Health Sciences, and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Dr. Thong developed curriculum and taught lectures at the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in various topics, such as Didactic and Clinical Lectures in Family Practice Medicine, and Clinical Teaching for medical school students. Dr. Thong has contributed to several publications related to neurology. He currently holds professional memberships in the American Academy of Neurology, the Vietnamese Medical Association of the USA, and the Association of California Neurology. Dr. Nguyen N. Thong is very committed to practicing medicine. His passion for medicine manifests through the years of service he has dedicated to the community.

Mission Statement

Foremost, the physicians, research scientists and staff at the Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Institute all share the common goal of providing superior care to our patients in the treatment of neurological disorders affecting movement. It is our belief that people who must cope with symptoms or illness have enhanced quality of life when they understand their diagnosis and treatment plan,...
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